The food trucks begin serving at noon, and will flip burgers and shave snow-cones until 10:00 p.m. This year’s food truck participants include seven newcomers and two returning favorites, Jerky.com and Sizzle and Spice. All food trucks will be parked on North Indiana Avenue between 16th and 17th Street. 

No matter what your palette prefers, the Festival food truck lineup has something for everyone, from the picky eater to the adventurous foodie. Back Door BBQ, which is also a trendy storefront on NW 23rd street, offers pulled pork, brisket, and other smoked meats. El Reno Onion Burgers will be serving its famous onion burgers and Taste of Soul Chicken and Waffles chicken and waffles platter is truly a spiritual experience. 

Vegetarian options include Holey Rollers and their signature vegan donuts, pastries, and coffee and The Loaded Bowl, which serves vegan comfort food. Sasquatch Shaved Ice, a much-anticipated 2017 business to open within the Plaza District boundaries, will debut snow-cones for adults and kids alike, with flavors from Sour Apple to Tiger’s Blood. New to the OKC community and the Festival is the Vietnamese-inspired Yum Yum Bites food truck. Returning this year is the Indian-themed Sizzle and Spice, as well as Jerky.com who returns for the third year in a row. 


Backdoor BBQ

BBQ Sandwiches / Fries / Cole Slaw / Drinks


El Reno Onion Burgers

Onion Hamburgers / Chips / Drinks


Holey Rollers

Donuts / Coffee / Sodas



Assorted Gourmet Jerky


The Loaded Bowl

Vegan Comfort Food / Lasagna / Mac and Cheese / Enchiladas


Sasquatch ShaveD Ice

Assorted Flavored Snow Cones


Sizzle N Spice

Tandoori Chicken Tika Wraps / Lamb, Beef Gyro / Minced Beef Grilled Kebab / Chicken Tika Masala Curry Bowl


Taste of Soul Chicken and Waffles



Yum Yum Bites

Chicken, Beef Skewers / Viet BBQ Short Ribs / Viet Sausage on Sugar Cane / Boba Tea / Thai Milk Tea